Visit Caucasus

North-Caucasus has been rapidly developing for the past few years. New resorts, health centers and hotels are being built. Lots of them are quite modern, for example, built on the highest altitude in the world eco-hotel LeapRus on Elbrus. You can appreciate the view from this unique hotel in the end of the program.

We gathered the most famous sights of the North Caucasus. Among them are popular spa-towns of Caucasus Mineral Waters and the oldest fortress of Russia – Naryn-kala (Derbent). As well as untouched nature of Caucasus, medieval tower cities and many more. The culture of Caucasus is so varied that you can deep into different epochs, climatic zones and different authentic cultures every day.

We introduced you local inhabitants of North Caucasus. Common people whom we were met when traveling through the most interesting places. They shared their ideas, problems and hopes. Get acquainted with them.

We invite you to visit Caucasus, first through the Internet, and after that, we are sure you would like to come here personally.