Technologies and Solutions

We have a full set of capabilities for presenting information about the customers' products, events or services. We also have a considerable amount of proprietary technological solutions which we successfully apply to most complicated tasks.

How do we manage to do it?

Appreal Guides
B2B-platform, providing an opportunity to create cross-platform functional mobile guides within the shortest time period and with optimal budget.

Server Solutions
We use our own server to keep the data in order to save space on the users' units and make sure that apps download and work fast. We make sure that content is updated as required.

Offline applications
Content will always be at hand, even when a user has no D1internet access. All apps are designed in such a way that after downloading and the first run, they can be used sustainably without internet connection.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality is one of the latest trends in mobile apps development. It is a new way of content presentation that opens extraordinary capabilities in education, science, entertainment industry and advertising. It's a Wow effect that won't go unnoticed. Check it out.

Content creation
Our designers, copywriters and editors can adapt original client's material, or, if necessary, write content from scratch. We are happy to create photo libraries, 3D-tours, video, audio and text content.

Promote your application
We have the right experts in our team who do all the necessary to promote your app and make sure that users appreciate it.